Reptiles make a fabulous pet

If you are thinking about purchasing a reptile as a pet they make fabulous pets as they are quiet and do not leave an unpleasant odour. A small pet can require an area as small as a plant pot or for the larger pet the room can be as large as a living room.

It boils down to how much space and which room you would like to see a pet living in. Houses for large pets can be set up as near to its environment as possible with certain types of cages. Reptile accessories such as branches, pieces of wood and covers can be placed in a cage to allow your pet slither about and sleep when tired.

If you are purchasing an aquarium then there is a screen to cover the tank. If your pet is being housed outside there are wooden cages with appropriate pet accessories that will keep your pet reptile happy. In the summer time you can move your reptile house to a garden or back yard. However, do not place the cage and pet in direct sunlight as they could have sun stroke and become dehydrated.

Whatever your choice of cage you choose for a reptile it will need to be draught proof, secure, heat resistant and well lit. The one thing that reptiles have going for them is they are easy to keep clean. If you miss feeding them on occasions there is no great worry as they do not have to eat continually every day. If they are fed too much they can become obese and unhealthy.

If you purchase a Green Iguana, various boas or a python they get to be over 20 foot long. At Rocket Pets not only do we have a large selection of pet products and reptile accessories, but we can also offer advice on essential pet care if required.

Pet Strollers Allow For Comfort And Security For Your Pets!

Walking with your pets always has mutual benefits. For one, you will have a companion to walk with and also feel more secure at the same time. Walking will rejuvenate both yours and your pets health. The only issue comes about if your dog feels tired after a few minutes of jogging or walking, such an occurrence may put a damper on the whole occasion. This may also impact your exercise regime with your pet. If you dog suffers from arthritis or any other painful joint conditions, they may also not be able to enjoy outdoor walks. For this very reason the use of pet strollers come with many benefits!

With pet strollers your dog may be tired, but you will still be able to enjoy walking with them. Just prop up the stroller, put him inside and continue on. Its that simple. These strollers are much like strollers for kids but these have zippers that zip up completely. In this way your dog or any other pet would be secured inside of the stroller. There are even those types that have tethers where you can fasten or clip your pet’s collar to keep them from jumping off and out of the stroller if you choose to leave the zipper open for fresh air.

An injured pet still needs their daily exercise, and would still benefit from walkies. A pet stroller is perfect for such animals, as they allow the injured animal to still enjoy an outdoor activity. This may calm their nerves and anxiety. Nobody wants to be cooped up all day. Strollers are very sturdy, and such have the ability to allow even a disabled owner to take their pet for strolls, as pet strollers are easy to manoeuvre and will not lose balance. Pets who have arthritis or are in their older years may also gain from the use of strollers, as there is no extra pressure put on their old and frail joints. Another use for these is for transportation. If you are planning an out of the country trip and you prefer travelling with your pets, bringing them along in a pet stroller solves the problem. The convenience of owning a pet stroller can never be overemphasized. There are many kinds of strollers specially designed for pets and they come in different colours, sizes, and functions. Always take into consider
ation the size of your pet in height, width and weight so as to make sure that he will fit and is comfortable in the stroller.

Many pet strollers can transform from being a stroller, to being an easy carrier bag which you can sling across your shoulders. If you are going abroad, these strollers can double up as cages with the added comfort of cushioned floors, mesh windows so your pets will be able to see through and seat belts to secure your pets during the trip. Some strollers could also double as grooming tables like the Kittywalk Double Decker Pet Stroller. It has two compartments in which you can keep two of your pets. The Kittywalk Double Deck pet stroller is also water resistant, and is so very easy to control and manoeuvre. It also has a solid floor between the two compartments, allowing for privacy for your pets, and also prevents them from causing noise and nipping at one another. Such a stroller is perfect if you own both a dog and a cat, as you can travel with them both at the same time.

There are also pet strollers that could be a stroller, carrying bag, and cage like the Four Paws Pet Stroller. It even has a moon roof where your pet can peek through while they are inside the cage, safety loops to attach to a car’s seat belt, flashing lights, cup holders and storage pockets allowing you to bring everything your pet might need while on the trip. Just place a familiar toy for them to enjoy, and you pet will feel like it hasnt even left home. This stroller is perfect for those who travel often and enjoy taking their pets with them.

Whether you use your pet stroller for exercise or travelling, whether you use it daily or not very often, a pet stroller is un-doubtly a very beneficial pet aid to own.

Kabbs Pet Salon In Alwarpet Chennai

What you see It is likely that you will be greeted by the fuzziest, heart-melting pets when you walk into Kabbs Pet Salon, Chennai. Owned by Sidney Sladen and Sundar Ramaswamy, Kabbs is named after their pet Kaballah, a cross between a Boxer and a Daschund. Opened in July 2010, the colorful salon has an array of accessories, pet toys and play things to keep their furry visitors happy. The seating area is small and tastefully done up. In terms of dcor, the unusual fish tank built into the wall is quite fascinating.

Sidney and SundarWhat you get Kabbs was born simply because Sidney and Sundar did not find something good enough in terms of grooming and pet care for Kaballah. Its not surprising therefore to find the staff here well-trained from Singapore.

Kabbs offers a range of packages for pet care such as the Brush and Bath Express, Basic Groom which includes clipping of nails, cleaning of ears and Full Styling that comes with de-matting and undercoat removal if required. There is an A La Carte service too and you can pick from any of those if you do not wish to go for the entire package. You can also choose to color and highlight your Kabbs salon, Chennaidogs coat of fur here. The product used for the same is called Pet Esthe which uses natural substances for coloring such as botanical moisturizing ingredients, marine plant ingredients and natural herbs.

At Kabbs, there are various massage treatments like the Kabbs Signature Effleurage Massage which is a common massage technique that uses strokes and the Tellington Touch Massage which is a method based on circular movements that awaken cellular intelligence. If you think Aromatherapy is only for humans, then you are mistaken. Kabbs uses this for their clientele too. They have various treatments under this category and the specialist will suggest what could be good for your pets needs. Products used for this massage are from Perfect Portions, Australia. Kabbs has special packages for birthdays apart from these Beauty & Wellness packages.

Kabbs also has a wide range of funky and colorful accessories for dogs and cats, food and other pet products. Brands such as Rogz, Karlie, Forcans, Flexi, Isle of Dogs etc are all available. These include shampoos, conditioners, toilet training products, chews, Kabbs products, Chennaisnacks, toys, beds, soft carpets / mattresses in attractive colors and designs. There are cute little clothes like T-shirts, exercise accessories like running socks that are padded and chest pads too. A unique product here is the feeder with a timer. This is very convenient for pet owners who are working. You can load the machine and this will release food at the times set by you. There are great collars for small and big dogs with glitter, studs in almost every color for male and female, leashes and even pendants. Cats have something too stuffed toy rats, tinker bell balls, collars, furniture and tunnels to play in. Pet food brands include Nova Foods, Trainer Natural, Royal Canin, Hills, Butch etc.

Our verdict Kabbs caters to Dogs, Persian cats and Hamsters. Their prices are affordable. The fact that the owners are animal lovers helps a great deal in assuring you that your pets are in very safe, lovable hands. Worth a visit if you want your pet to be pampered and cared for. Parking space is available and prior appointments are recommended.

Anytime between 10 AM 8 PM (Closed on Mondays)

Bacardi Canada Goes Green With Pet Plastic Bottles

Its always good when a company is the first to implement a desired, environmentally friendly change. Bacardi Canada decided to be the first major Canadian brand to exchange glass bottles for PET plastic bottles and convert an entire line of products.

Bacardi Canada feels the environmental effects are worth the change and are confident that consumers will appreciate the new material and its eco-friendly nature.

Reducing Bacardis Carbon Footprint With PET

Bacardi Canada realized that the best way to decrease production waste and significantly reduce their carbon footprint on the earth was to switch from glass bottles to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles. Bacardi Canada will transform their popular carbonated Bacardi Breezer drinks from glass to green PET plastic.

Bacardi Canada has produced glass bottled drinks exclusively since 1988, but isnt afraid to make the change because of the obvious environmental benefits. PET bottles appeal to environmentally conscious consumers while reducing greenhouse emissions during production.

The potential eco-friendly benefits that will occur far outweigh any hesitations that Bacardi Canada might have felt in making such a drastic change to an entire line of beverages. But the change will likely be a success, especially since so many consumers are onboard with green incentives. With so many trying to reduce their individual carbon footprint by making lifestyle changes, buying drinks from a company who truly cares about the environment will be an easy decision.

The Bacardi Breezers line is the perfect place to implement this change because it is ready to drink right out of the bottle, meaning Breezers are chosen for parties, outdoor events and wont weigh down anyone bringing some to an event. PET bottles are much lighter than their glass counterparts, making PET bottles appeal to consumers because they are not only portable and lightweight, but eco-friendly.

Why PET Bottles are the Answer

Bacardi Canadas new PET bottles will still be shaped the traditional Bacardi way, like a champagne bottle, so consumers will not have to get used to a new look from Bacardi Breezers. Instead, it is just a lighter material that helps the environment by reducing waste and carbon emissions. Bacardi Breezers bottled in PET bottles will reduce Bacardis carbon footprint by a whopping 22 percent, which is just the beginning. As production continues, Bacardi could discover additional ways to increase this number.

Bacardis switch to PET bottles has caught the attention of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), who fully supports this eco-friendly change. The LCBO conducted studies on switching from glass bottles to PET bottles and determined that Bacardi Canada will reduce waste by 90 percent. No wonder the LCBO is not only onboard with Bacardi Canadas change, but is encouraging other beverage companies to follow suit. Imagine the environmental benefits should more companies make the change from glass to PET bottles. The amount of waste eliminated from production and the reduction in carbon emissions alone would make a huge difference and make consumers more confident that businesses are taking a valid interest in making environmentally beneficial choices.

What Should You Do to Protect Your Pets Within a Disaster

One of the best ways to protect your family in a disaster is by having a good disaster plan. For pet owners, it is essential that you have a plan for your pets. We have seen media footage from New Orleans and countless other disasters; often thousands of pets are left behind by their owners or fend for themselves. Unfortunately, most of these precious pets are lost, injured or even killed. To keep this from happing to your pet, we urge you to develop a comprehensive disaster plan for your pet.
Create a Disaster Kit For Your Pet
Similar to a disaster kit for your family that includes important papers and other key items, prepare a disaster kit for your pets. At a minimum, it should contain the following:
1.Medication and medical records in a waterproof container. This
needs to include all vaccination schedules and in disasters proof of rabies vaccinations.

2.Leashes, harnesses and carriers for transporting pets.

3. A muzzle even if your pet rarely requires one. Even if you know where you will reside during the disaster, you never know who else may be at the same location. Even the friendliest dog will snap or bite during extreme distress of a disaster, especially in a new area. Many dog companions can get aggressive with strangers in trying to protect its owner.

4. Food and water. Some articles suggest that you need three days but five to seven days of food and water is safer. Also include in your kit, a manual can ?opener.

5. Cat litter and litter box.

6.Current photo and description of your pet. In the chaos, your pet could become separated from you. While it may seem unlikely, it is best to be prepared for the worst. Several photos of your pet will go a long way in helping you become re-united with your pet.

7. Name and phone number of your veterinarian. This is critical information to have with you in a time of crisis.

8. Insurance company contact information and policy number, if you have pet insurance.

Place this disaster kit in a well-marked area of your home. If a friend or family watches your house when you are out of town, make certain she/he know where the disaster kit for your pet is located.

Find A Safe Place Ahead Of Time
It is very important to find temporary shelter ahead of the storm.
1.Contact hotels and motels outside your immediate area to check policies on accepting pets.

2. Make a list of boarding facilities and veterinarians outside your immediate area that might be able to shelter pets in an emergency. Include emergency phone numbers.

3. Ask your local Humane Society or emergency management agency for information regarding community disaster response plans and locations, which might include pets.

4. Make advance arrangements to have a friend or family pick up your pet and meet you at a specified location in the event you are not home when disaster strikes.
5. Identify a disaster recovery company who will take care of your home if you have damage. Interview companies and locate a company prior to the damage so your home will be a top priority to them. Depending on the company, they have professional, well-trained technicians who provide the latest state-of-the-science services to all property damaged from water, fire/smoke, mold, and other disasters.

If You Evacuate, Take Your Pets

1. Evacuate early. If you wait for an official evacuation, as you might be ordered to leave your pets behind. It is better to evacuate before mandatory because there are more options for you and your pet.

2.Keep pets on leashes or in carriers at all times.

3. Your pet should wear up-to-date identification at all times.
Consider including your cell phone number, and an emergency contact such as the phone number of a friend outside of the area, in case you cannot be ?reached.

4. If you must evacuate and, for some reason, ?cannot take your pets, do not leave your animals behind.
Evacuate them to a prearranged safe location if they cannot stay with you during the evacuation period If there is a possibility that disaster may strike while you are out of the house, there are precautions you can take to increase your pets chances of survival, but they are not a substitute for evacuating with your pets. Please be aware that no Red Cross shelter takes pets.

After The Storm
Once you return to your home, dont allow your pets to roam loose. Familiar landmarks and smells might be gone, and your pet may be disoriented. Pets can easily get lost in these situations.

1.Try to get your pets back into their normal routines as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for stress-related behavioral problems; if these problems persist, talk to your veterinarian.

2. Contact the disaster recovery company who you have identified to help you out. When you or a pet safe again, you will really appreciate immediate service from a Disaster Recovery Company. Regardless of the circumstances, these professionals are standing by and will mitigate the loss to prevent further damage. They will then provide restoration services to return the property to a pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

LocalNet360- As you begin to learn about the dangers and prevention pertaining to Fire, Water and Mold damage in your home or business, you will better understand what steps to take to protect your family, employees, pets, personal belongings, business records, equipment, building structure, landscaping and surrounding areas. More importantly, in addition to knowing what steps you can take to aide in prevention, many of these same techniques will help you to mitigate risks in case of an emergency related to fire, water or mold damages should they happen to you. As stated earlier in this series, the more you know about the dangers of Fire, Water and Mold, the better prepared you will be when disaster strikes and in addition to mitigating risks, you may one day help save the life of someone you love as well as yourself, because disaster can strike anyone, anywhere at any time and it is up to you to gain the knowledge to protect your family, home and business and know when to call the professionals who can only respond after the emergency strikes.

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Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Toywhy You Want One Now

The latest craze is this hamster toy that runs on batteries and is interactive and intelligent. You want one of these hamster toys now because they are selling out in stores the day they come in.

These are furry, cuddly, lifelike hamster toys for your child to play with, and they have variety and personality. There is also a large variety of accessories like houses, beds, blankets, cars, garages, running balls, running tracks and carrying cases for travel .

This means this hamster toy is a fairly good mimic of the real hamster setup but without the feeding and the messes to clean up. It is not a replacement, but if you are unsure if you child is ready for the responsibility of the real thing, this hamster toy can provide enough interaction, diversity, variety and expandability to keep your child occupied and interested for a good long time. These are intended for children 3 years old and above because of small parts warnings according to the manufacturer.

These were test marketed as the GO GO pet hamster toy which may become collectible due to quantity. The ZHU ZHU pet hamster toy is now in full blown production and the original price of around $8 is fluctuating and rising rapidly due to incredible demand. The commercials are captivating, and children who see them want the hamster toy for their own.

The Zhu Zhu pet hamster toy comes in at least four models, personalities, and colors. So if you have several children, each one can have an identifiably different hamster toy. NUM NUMS is the friend you can depend on. PIPSQUEAK is full of curiosity and adventure. CHUNK is the surfer dude, and MR. SQUIGGLES has a finicky, been there done that personality.

Each hamster toy makes about forty unique sounds that change when they are in different parts of their house environment. They also each have an active and sleep mode which your child can activate with a button depending on whether they want their hamster toy to be cuddly or active. All in all this is a pretty great toy and may help you decide if your child is eventually ready for the real thing.

Caring For Your Pet During An Emergency

With the recent earthquake in Japan, the fires in Australia last summer followed by the horrific floods, of we are made aware of how devastating natural disasters can be for people, but it has the same effect for our beloved pets. In the event of an emergency, whether something as large as a natural disaster or as focused as a house fire are you prepared to take care of not only yourself and your family, but your pets as well? In this article we will look at some basic precautions and preparations that will help insure the safety of your pet in an emergency.

You must have a plan of action ready in the event of an emergency. When determining your best options for such plans consider your surroundings and what sort of emergencies you may be facing. For example, if you live in the midwestern portion of the country planning for a hurricane would be futile, however planning for a tornado would be quite prudent. Also think about what sort of industries are in your vicinity and whether an accident there could require your evacuation. Being aware of your environment will aid you in reacting quickly if you need too.

Should the need to evacuate your home arise, your pets should go with you. Many people believe that if they leave their pet behind natural instincts will take over and they will get along just fine. Remember that your pet has been dependent on you for all of their needs for their entire lives. Even if they are capable of reacting instinctually it is important to keep in mind that if it is not safe for you to be there it certainly isnt safe for your pet to be there. Therefore, an important part of your plan should be where to take your pets in the event of an emergency. As much as the Red Cross does in such situations to help those in need they cannot accept pets at their evacuation shelters. You may want to take the time to locate and make a list of places within a 50 to 100 mile radius of your location that you can take your pet. Places to consider for this list would be, other family members homes, animal boarding services, veterinarians with animal boarding facilities, hotels that allow pets and as a last resort animal shelters. Also with todays efficient communications we are often warned well ahead of time of the possibility of an emergency, if this is the case it would be a good idea to keep all of your pets together so that you can round them up quickly should you need to. When you do leave make sure you have solid control of your pets, even the most docile or well-behaved pets actions can become erratic and unpredictable when they are frightened as may be the case during an emergency.

The wisdom of an emergency kit has been highly touted and rightfully so. Your own kit may contain things such as a change of clothes, prescriptions and medications, travelers checks or even food and water. Your pets emergency kit isnt much different by comparison. It should contain enough food and water to last a week in airtight containers to insure it stays fresh. You should replace this food and water every six months. If you opt to include canned food dont forget to add a hand operated can opener. A bowl for food and water will be needed, a simple plastic bowl will suffice or you may wish to look into some of the innovative space saving travel bowls available. Because you are going into an unsettling set of circumstances and extra collar and leash as well as a portable kennel for each of your pets is advisable. It would also be wise to have a first aid kit specifically for your pet that includes items such as tweezers, gauze bandages, antibiotic crme, antiseptic spray or hydrogen peroxide. You should also include any special medications your pet may require in the first aid kit. Be sure to ask your veterinarian about storage requirements as well as how often this medication should be rotated. It is a good idea to review your pets emergency kit every 6 months or so to make sure that the items included are appropriate to any changes that may have occurred with your pet i.e. growth or weight gain.

Training Staffordshire Bull Terriers Can Be Fun

Most dogs possess purely natural undomesticated features, commonly being aggressive and barking needlessly. Some dog owners are actually distressed with the state of affairs and often slap their pet dog or remove it to the out-of-doors. However, training staffordshire bull terriers in this manner summons images of terror into their minds, and then they start dreading their master as opposed to following these people. All this will be sidestepped from the beginning by means of adequate k9 training that is driven by rewards for good behaviour, not abuse for bad behaviour.
Training staffordshire bull terriers with success will mean training your dog to become obedient, readily and gladly paying attention to any orders without the need of undue pressure. Pet dog schooling can be performed at home with aid from web-based guidance products, in canine training programs, or by making use of a personal instructor. It’s a slow and also continuous course of action to get a canine that is taught to a very high standard. Having stated that, staffies are highly smart puppies and really enjoy human company which means that your staffy can promptly master some basic commands if you happen to compensate it properly.One essential requirement of training staffordshire bull terriers is usually to just remember to establish yourself initially as the pet’s chief, so that it recognizes what its position is within your family. In that way it’ll feel extra protected and will be significantly more likely to listen to your own instructions. You will even notice that its bond with your family will be more settled and rewarding.Training staffordshire bull terriers requires a training collar, lead, some fortitude, and a tender approach towards your canine friend. Schooling is required to be a fun-filled, stimulating experience for the doggie. Make sure you blend guidance exercises with sporadic treats and praises when your dog behaves in the desirable manner. By doing this you can without difficulty instruct the dog for the standard directions, for instance sit, stay and come.Your family dog has to be properly trained never to pull the lead throughout a casual walk. A quick yank with the lead then a correct voice order will accomplish the same. Your pet must also learn to stand still, since this lets an effortless check up by a veterinarian and a trouble-free pet grooming session with a dog groomer.A major ingredient of training staffordshire bull terriers is generally to infuse high-quality dietary habits. Be certain to feed your staffy at the same point in time each day. With this it won’t need to beg at the dining table or go walking about searching for leftovers. Chances are you’ll experience two or three complications while dog training. The simplicity of training staffordshire bull terriers would depend mostly on the character of the pet dog, that varies from one of docility to 1 of obstinacy. While many pups respond to tenderness and cajoling, others may well not actually heed to a firm order. Some are swift learners while some comprehend things a lot more slowly and gradually. If you’re up against an extremely problematic problem in training staffordshire bull terriers, you may prefer to confer with a certified dog instructor. But, most of the time you can see that it is easier than you think to train a staffy considering they are such clever, lovable dogs.

Pet Grooming And Its Hygiene

Proper pet grooming is one of the most easy and important ways you can show your love and care apart from helping to make them appear better, regular grooming will be the most useful tactics to make certain that your pet are healthy and hygienic too. The experience furthermore advances good bonding between you and your furry friend. It is actually a factor of trust when your pet allows you to brush his fur, clean the ears, and even more. Of course, you must do that in the right way and you will need to find out the ways to properly handle your pet. This will assist you to carry on with your responsibilities very well.

An additional benefit of repeating this will frequently give you you the chance to professionally check your dog for any possible problems. A number of pores and skin illnesses or perhaps irritants may often get unnoticed and for that reason you ought to be extremely observant. In case you find something skeptical, it’s time to take your pet to the veterinary surgeon for immediate medical check up and better treatment. This will certainly protect your pet from any kind of harmful diseases and injury that is likely to affect its health.

Some of us might be very busy to groom our pets on the regular basis, for them it is important to hire a professional who might look after your dog. There are number of pet grooming centers almost everywhere and that is something you should take an advantage of. These professionals are highly trained to point out the problem that is about to occur and will certainly inform you in case of other problems like issue related to the vision and weight as well. So, whether you decide to do the tasks yourself or you hire an agent to do it on your behalf, knowing where to buy the pet supplies at reasonable price is always good.

Another useful option is to search online for the reliable retailers. These days a lot of internet users search online for the most reputable and renowned stores online in order to groom their pets. A well – groomed pet is a sign of human care and are concern about its welfare. However, you might find it hard to groom your pet when it start struggling and avoiding your love and care. It might be tiring and a challenging activity. However, grooming your pet can a fun when both you and your furry friend enjoys it. It can even bring you both close to each other and can be a wonderful time that both of you can look forward to.

The author is pet lover and love to write about pets and pets products. He currently writes about advantage of online pet shop and pet accessories. To know more about pets and pets product visit http//

Cyber Pet Adoption – Safe Online Games For Kids

There are many various sites online that provide games for children, but a cyber pet adoption site is one of the safest online environments for children. These websites are constructed with children in mind, and so many safety standards have been put into place to help protect the children that play on these websites after they have gone through a cyber pet adoption.

Cyber pet adoption promotes learning, which is a great reason to think about a virtual pet for your children. Your kids will have to take care of their virtual pet the same way in which they would have to take care of a pet in the real world. Some sites actually require that the kids earn points by playing educational games, and it is with these points that they can buy supplies for their pets.
Many cyber pet adoptions sites also have social networking capabilities with safety features meant especially for children. In this way your kids will learn how to interact with other children by visiting their pets, or playing games, but in a safe environment. These sites were created with the idea of keeping children safe, and online predators out.
Once your child has picked out a pet through a cyber pet adoption site, they will be able to play with their pet, as well as take care of it. It will be their responsibility to ensure that their pet eats; plus they will have to take care of their pet when it is sick. When their virtual pet is bored, it will be up to them to play with them so that their virtual pet is entertained.

There are many different activities that your child can participate in on a cyber pet adoption site. They can buy clothing for their pet and dress it up, build their pet a house, or even send it to school and work. This all takes place in a secure online virtual world where their pet lives.

Children really love these online games, which is why cyber pet adoption has grown so popular recently. This is a pet in which they can connect with, but one that their parents dont have to worry about caring for. A virtual pet is the perfect way for kids to interact online, in a safe way.
If you want a safe online game for your child to play, you can look into cyber pet adoption.