Introducing Your New Dog To Your Resident Dogs In Seven Easy Steps

Probably you have heard of kids, brothers and sisters fighting over the attention of their parents or a small child developing sibling rivalry when a new baby was brought home from the hospital. Conflicts and competition between siblings is referred to as sibling rivalry. It can be very exasperating to watch. If you’re a parent, seeing your kids fight with one another over small things can be very stressful. Did you know that this kind of competition can also happen between dogs? This normally happens when you bring home a new puppy. Your will observe your old dog becoming jealous over your new pet. Having that said, it is important to present properly the new dog to your old dog or packs. How? Here’s how you can make things simpler for you and your other dogs.

Take Your Dog To A Park With The Other Dogs
Go for a walk and take your old dogs with you. Go to a nearby park where the other dogs are hanging out. Examine how your dogs gets along with the other packs. Take note and address any belligerent behaviors that your dogs are showing. If there are, it may not be the best time to introduce a new pet in the family. You may want to address first your old dogs’ aggressive behavior problems. However, if your dogs are able to get along well with the other dogs, it signifies that they are ready for a new house pet.

Prepare For The Arrival Of The New Dog
Plan and prepare the things that your new pet will need like a bed, crate, food and chew toys. During the first weeks at home, you cannot expect your old dogs to allotment what they have with the new dog.

Before Picking Up The New Pet
Before you bring home a new pet, be certain to visit the new dog at least daily in the center. Bring something like an old blanket from home. This will acquaint your new pet with the odors of his new life with you. Take the item back to your home and let your old dogs smell the bedclothes. This will give them an idea about the smell of the new dog.

Arrival Of The New Pet
On the day of pick up, bond with your old dogs. Embrace your dogs, feed them, and talk to them. When picking up your new pet, wear the same clothes that you wear when you bond with your old dogs. The new dog will smell the odor of your other dogs on your clothes. This will give him an idea of what is in store for him. If possible, have another person drive you home. Do not bring your old packs with you too. This will allow you to bond with your new pet.

Present The Dogs In Neutral Location
Based on studies, dogs are territorial animals. Ensure that you present the dogs in a neutral location like a park or neighbor’s front yard so that the new dog will not look like an invader. Each dog must be on leashes and if possible, must be handled by a separate person.

Observe The Dogs When Being Introduced
Briefly, let the dogs sniff each other. This is a normal dog greeting habits. As they are exploring the new dog, introduce the dogs using a happy and friendly inflection. Do not allow them to sniff too long since it can escalate an aggressive behavior. Give positive remarks to your resident dogs if they show good behavior.

Bringing The Dogs Home
If you observe the dogs tolerating one another, it is time to take them home. Depending on the size of the dogs, you can take them in one car or separate cars. Be certain that you have other people accompanying you if you will drive them in one car.

Above are simple ways on how to introduce a new dog to your old packs. Certainly, introducing a dog to your resident dogs is not an easy task. Just be patient and don’t give up. If you have problem introducing your dogs, you can contact a professional animal behaviorist for assistance.

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Collar and leashes -protection for missing dogs

Being a pet lover the owner of a pet dog has to shoulder lots of responsibilities, right from caring for the dog to giving it vaccinations on time and even providing ample of exercise to the dog every day to maintain its physical fitness. This helps to strengthen the bond between the dog and his owner.
Another important fear of a pet lover is the fear of his or her pet getting lost. It can be an extremely stressful situation for a pet owner to come home and find his pet missing. If the owner has failed to put a tag around the dog’s neck then the situation becomes all the more dangerous.
Tags are very useful for pets because they provide all the information about the dog, its owners. This is really helpful when a dog goes missing. Collars and leashes are a boon when taking the dog out for a stroll or for any other purpose or when leaving the animal alone. Animals generally have a tendency to roam about anywhere. Their behavior is difficult to predict and it may also prove risky for the people around. This is where dogs and leashes are very helpful as they help the owner to have a control on it while taking it out.

Steps to be taken to prevent your dog from missing:
Never leave the doors and gates of your house open
Ensure that the opening of the fence of your house is not too large so that the pet gets a chance to escape
When going out always ensure that the pet is locked inside your house or in his doggie house with the door properly bolted
Keeping the dog on leash while opening the door for someone also helps to avoid the dog from charging the stranger
In case your canine is new to your house, it may take time for it to get adjusted to the new surroundings and the chances of it wander or getting stolen is more .This can be avoided if the pet is properly leashed

Thus the pet owner’s responsibility does not end with only providing food and medicine to a pet; it also involves protecting a pet from getting stolen. In spite of taking all the requisite precautions, the chances of a pet getting lost or stole cannot be totally ruled out. In such situations training the dog properly is the only way by which an owner can avoid his pet from getting lost.
The following measures if followed will be helpful in avoiding the unfortunate incident of a pet getting lost;
Taking a dog to walk and training it to get back home with the owner following at a distance
Tying a bell on its neck
Avoiding leaving a pet alone
Having a small opening in the main gate especially for a pet dog to enter and exit

However properly a dog may be trained and leashed, its basic inquisitive and exploring nature cannot be curbed or controlled, so it is better to allow the pet certain amount of freedom while leashing, controlling and disciplining it.

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The History Of The Pet Rock

Origin of Thought

In 1975, Gary Dahl, an advertising executive, launched the sale of a fad that would make him a millionaire. This great profit is even more impressive when one takes into account the short time in which the rocks were sold, only six months, and also the low cost of the product, about four dollars. Dahls ingenious marketing involved commonplace gray pebbles, bought from a construction supplier, which were then sold as live pets. The idea was inspired by the hassle, mess, and money that pets such as cats or dogs or fish required. And so, Dahl began the production and sale of the Pet Rock, which did not need to be walked, wouldnt cost hundreds in vet bills, and would not poop on the floor.

Specifics of Production

Dahl named the company “Rock Bottom Productions,” and sold the rocks for $3.95 a piece. The pebbles were imported from Rosarito Beach in Baja California, Mexico, and then packaged in a small cardboard box, designed like a pet carrier. Dahl also created a “Pet Rock Training Manual,” containing instructions on how to properly care for one’s pet, including how to house train ones pet: “Place it on some old newspapers. The rock will never know what the paper is for and will require no further instruction. The instruction manual included such commands as sit, stay, roll over, play dead, and come.

Why would anyone ever buy a pet rock?

“If there were more fads, there would probably be a lot fewer psychiatrists.” Ben Hakuta, creator of Wacky Wall Walkers

Indeed, pet rocks give us more pleasure than we know. These pets support this argument through their very existence, showing us that it is not an actual item that brings joy to the child in the human mind, but merely the idea of the item. The pet sits in a niche in the mind, created by the power of the owners imaginations. It is in the actual exercise of the mind that such pleasure is found. It is quite a valid point that finding such productive and effective uses of recreation time can be more preventative and beneficial to the health of our minds that even the most advanced psychological treatments.
People who purchased these unusual “pets” often gave them names, talked to them, petted them, and taught them to perform simple “tricks”.

Pet rocks still live on

Like most fads, it never totally died out. There are memorial pages, spin-offs, and one can still purchase such a pet, though new manufacturers have given their rocks new features and looks. For instance, not many plain gray pebbles are sold any more. One can buy rocks that are inscribed, painted, and decorated in many a manner, lending the rock much more personality than afforded Dahls creation. One can purchase a rock with an agenda, or one can buy a rock that is individually painted in memory of any dearly loved pet, or one can still purchase that rock that is completely void of previous perception, and let its idea grow in the mind.

Virtual Pets

Virtual Pets follow the same formula as Dahls product. Operating more in the mind of the owner than anywhere else, Virtual pets can be an electronic toy, a computer program, or even a video game. However, though perhaps securing more time from an owner, virtual pets do not leave as much room for imagination as the pet rock.

Zeolite The Perfect Solution To Control Pet Odors In Dog Runs And Lawns Including Synthetic Grass

Important Properties of Perfect Lawns Pet Crystals:**

An Excellent Pet Odor Control for Lawns, Horse Corrals and Dog Runs:

Perfect Lawn Natural Pet Crystals are uniquely effective in adsorbing ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gasses. These naturally occurring properties make natural Zeolite Crystals ideal for use in natural and Synthetic Grass, Dog Runs and Horse Corrals to prevent emanation of irritating pet waste odors by effectively controlling the irritating gases and smells typically associated with family pets and horses.

Unlike other odor treatment products that mask offensive odors, natural Zeolite pet crystals binds and captures many of the source gases in its naturally occurring matrix used for stalls, barns, kennels, dog runs natural and Synthetic Grass areas. Zeolite can be used in SNWA

Organic Zeolite crystals can be added to your Synthetic grass prior to the installation reducing 80% of the odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste. The other good news is that in addition to eliminating the majority of pet odors, it naturally renews itself with each rain or by occasionally hosing it down. No need to constantly replace or buy new materials!

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral mined in the mountains high above Californias Death Valley. It is safe for kids, pets and the environment. Natural Zeolite crystals are also used for drinking water purification, professional aquarium filter systems and also as a daily mineral supplement for natural healing and detoxifying.

Now you can easily keep your yard and grass looking and smelling its best with Zeolite Natural Pet Crystals!

Your family can now play and enjoy your Synthetic Grass areas with confidence of a pleasant experience.


The most fundamental consideration regarding the adsorption of chemical species and odors by Zeolite is molecular sieving. Species with a kinetic diameter which makes them too large to pass through a Zeolite pore are effectively “sieved.” This “sieve” effect can be utilized to produce sharp separations of molecules by size and shape; thus providing for an excellent medium for odor absorption.

The particular affinity a species has for an internal Zeolite cavity depends on electronic considerations. The strong electrostatic field within a Zeolite cavity results in very strong interaction with polar molecules such as water. Non-polar molecules are also strongly adsorbed due to the polarizing power of these electric fields. Thus, excellent separations can be achieved by Zeolite even when no steric hindrance occurs. Zeolites unique odor absorption properties can continue to function for many years.

Adsorption based on molecular sieving, electrostatic fields, and polarizability are always reversible in theory and usually reversible in practice. This allows the Zeolite to be reused many times, cycling between adsorption and desorption. This accounts for the considerable economic value of Zeolite in adsorptive applications and odor control.

Controlling pet and horse odors has never been easier and less expensive with a one time application of Zeolite Pet Crystals

Zeolite Pet Crystals may be obtained from many sources on line for $5.00 to $7.00 per lb, plus shipping and handling charges.

The recommended application rate for a new Synthetic grass installation or a gravel dog run is one pound per square foot. (200 sf would require 100 pounds of Zeolite) If applying Zeolite to an existing Synlawn or other brand of Fake Grass, the application rate is 1/2 lb per square foot.

Pet Stroller Website Offers Fun Alternative For Pet Wheelchairs

Pet Stroller Site Makes available Great Alternative To Pet Wheelchairs

For pets that are 25 pounds or less, Http:// has a unique range of one of a kind pet strollers so that both you and your pet can get where you need to be readily and quickly. You can get a pet stroller that has more of a customary carriage type, or decide on a more sleek, slick pet stroller or a more classy pet stroller. Though these pet strollers are designed for lighter, smaller animals, they are built with the same reinforced quality of Pet Stroller Mart’s other offerings for big pets.

Strollers for pets have just lately begun to be popular, but there aren’t very many pet stores that provide this sort of products, and stores that do, sell them at a premium. Pet Stroller Mart has begun selling strollers for pets that come in a great variety of colors, sizes and designs that can match varied pet kinds, and climates. And don’t forget budgets. Whether you and your pets reside in the country or the city , Pet Stroller Mart pet strollers are designed to efficiently handle all terrains, and truly make it easy to take pets where they should be to be.

For example, if you have a couple of animals that you need to carry at the same time, provides a fabulous Double Decker Pet Stroller than has the ability to quickly and easily carry both of your pets at the same time. No need to bring pet carriers either since both compartments unfasten quickly and easily and can become carriers themselves. Further, the cart folds down efficiently for storage or moving.

For larger animals, Http:// offers a Three Wheel Pet Stroller, additionally with a Four Wheel Pet Stroller. These tough strollers are available with fairly big wheels so you can quickly carry your pet over all kinds of trails. The strollers also will come with waterproof trays for easy maintenance and cleanup, and are put together with water resistant Denier nylon, so that your pet stroller can stay with you for the long term. Front wheel shock absorbers help take on unanticipated terrain and bumps, and will help maintain the strength and quality of your stroller. These strollers also folds down quickly for carrying or storage.

The adjustablitiy of pet strollers sold by Pet Stroller Mart is the feature that really makes their products stand out from the rest. For example, they even carry an uncommon three in one pet stroller that basically works as a carrier for a pet, pet car seat, and even a stroller. This is one of the main qualities of Pet Stroller Mart strollers, they will save you money on having to make other pet storage purchases. All Pet strollers from Pet Stroller Mart are simple to maintain and keep clean, and are built for simple collapse and storing. The poly/cotton mesh fabric provides added air ventilation and protection for your pet’s transfer. So check out now to take a look at their wonderful selection and low prices on pet strollers. Shipping is included with all items.

Pet Stroller Mart strollers allow you the liberty to take your family pet wherever you go. Pet strollers from Pet Stroller Mart are wonderful for injured or disabled pets, small animals, puppies, small dogs, kittens, and older animals with hip conditions or arthritic joints.

Find Online Pet Clothing For Your Adorable Pets

There is a big market for pet clothing in the world today. A lot of pet owners have an unusual desire to dress their pets in a cute little costumes and clothes. With the rising demands of stores that purely caters to the needs of the pet and pet owner, there are number of pet stores which are selling pet clothing. There are multiple reasons why you should be choosing clothes to dress your pet.

There are many online sites that stock pet clothes. If you browse the internet you’ll find that the are number of pet shops that stock pet clothing and are selling clothes for dogs an other pets. The internet is in fact flooded with these pet fashion shops. So, if you come across any of these online pet shops, you can choose from the catalogue of the latest and trendiest pet clothing.

Just like humans, pet clothing is also having style and trend. When you browse the internet you’ll see the pet fashion websites selling the pet accessories like shoes, socks, jewellery, neck ties, rug sack, hats, scarves and dogs clothes like coats, jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, sweaters, raincoats, pants, bathrobes etc. These online pet shops stock an excellent range of clothes and other fashion accessories. These online stores also sell dental bones and dental brush of different flavors.

All you need to do is choose an online site that is reputed and reliable. After, you select the shop, the next thing you have to do is to the select the item you want to purchase for your loved pet. In the product section you’ll get n excellent range of pet clothing and accessories for the dog fashion to choose from. You can select from the exclusive range of the products available in different sections. However, there are certain parameters for choosing designer wears for your pet, but you should definitely be paying attention to the comfort and appearance of your while you are trying to purchase designer clothes for your dog.

The comfort level is essentially important for your dog or cat or any other pet. One thing that is usually important to know that the pets usually dont wear the clothes. They have the fur coat and they are quite content with that. So, your pet should let you know whether he/ she is feeling comfortable with the pet clothing. It is quite simple to check the comfort level of your dog. If your pet doesn’t like the pet clothing, it will try to get out of the clothing. However, if you are getting the clothes from the reputed designer who specializes in making pet clothes, then your dog will certainly feel comfortable and happy in the clothes.

If keeping your pet in the latest attires and accessories makes you happy and doesn’t make your pet feel uncomfortable. Then, there is no harm in it. Some dogs and cats actually seem to prefer some form of the cute or casual clothing. So, with many options in designs and style of pet clothing you shouldnt be having problem helping your pet pick something that suits their unique personality.

dog biscuit recipes

If you truly want to be sure that the treats you give your dog are 100% healthy, and do not contain tons of fillers, you will need to make your own. Making dog treats is actually as simple as baking a cake or making cookies. Bored of giving your pooch the same old store bought dog biscuit recipes? Want to make some dog biscuits yourself, so that you are ensuring that your doggie is getting the best and healthiest food? It’s hard to keep track of the ever changing list of ingredients that are used in the manufacture of dog treats and other pet foods .

One day a specific preservative is deemed safe, the next day it’s found to have adverse health affects. Then there is the question of dyes and other unnecessary chemicals. What dog is concerned about the color of his food, the same way as humans? The only way to be one-hundred percent confident in the quality and safety of your pet’s edibles is to make them yourself. Now, you might think this is easier said than done.

However, once you’ve attempted a few homemade dog treat recipes you’ll likely find that baking your own dog snacks is both fun and rewarding. Most people consider their dog a part of the family and want them to be happy and healthy. Some commercial dog biscuits contain ingredients that aren’t beneficial to your pet’s health. That’s why many pet owners have taken on the labor of love of making their favorite canine’s treats themselves. But don’t worry if you don’t have the time to bake all-natural cookies; many pet stores sell these scrumptious biscuits by the pound. Of course, you will save on your pet’s grocery bill if you make them yourself.

Dog’s biscuits
Download Dog’s biscuits from (c)

Ever since all the factory-made pet food contamination episodes, it should be of incredible value for you to grasp what your constant companion is consuming. According to analyze, chemicals found in the factory-made treats can essentially harm your pet and can even cause an assertive demeanor.

Why avoid commercial recipes?
Another reason you might what to think about making your own homemade dog treat recipes is that commercial dog treat labels can be misleading. You may not know exactly what is in those treats. Also many commercial dog treats are filled with unnecessary fat and calories plus preservatives and artificial coloring.

One reason to consider your own homemade dog treat recipes is because some of the foods we eat, as humans can be harmful to dogs. Foods made for us contain more fat than dogs can handle and can give them diarrhea. Dogs also need more vitamins and minerals than the food we eat contain. It’s nice and kind of cute to give your dog table scrapes, but it can also be dangerous.

For a dog, there is nothing more rewarding than a crispy, crunchy treat received upon a job well done. Nothing, perhaps, other than a crispy, crunchy homemade treat. So, always try to serve your four-legged friend with homemade dog treat recipes. Because in this way you know what you are feeding to your puppy. That will keep him healthy, happy and more obedient.

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The Albino Leopard Gecko- A Captivating Gecko Pet

Now acquiring a new habitat in the homes of pet owners, the albino leopard geckos, may just enjoy better living conditions. In natural conditions, it lives in the ground and hunts for food during the night. A desire to breed these lizards grew in 1991. Today there are various breeds with unique skin patterns or markings. The albino leopard gecko is a favorite among gecko owners.

The albino leopard gecko can live up to 20 years, and grows up to nine inches in length. The uniqueness of this gecko is manifested through the presence of eyelids, and the lack of clinging toe pads which allows it to climb vertically. The absence of melanin in its skin also makes it distinct.

An albino leopard gecko enjoys insects and feeds on mealworms, crickets and wax worms. During its early stages, it feeds everyday and upon reaching its adult stage, it reduces its mealtimes to every other day. An albino gecko is naturally gentle and can be handled with ease. However, if mishandled they can become agitated and stressed and begin to hiss.

There are three albino leopard gecko strains as of today. These strains, however, are recessive. Interbreeding them would produce offspring which is normal, but not albino.

The Tremper Strain.

This strain of the albino leopard gecko is the most common of the three strains. This strain may have a brown color and is called the Mocha Strain. The eye color of this gecko may have the color of a regular gecko but there some with bright red eyes. Its eye and skin color depends on the incubation temperature.

The Rainwater Strain.

The rainwater strain is also known as the Las Vegas Albino. This is the second most common strain of the albino leopard gecko. It usually manifests a more pink color that the other strains, but it is not always the case. Since an albino geckos skin color depends on the incubation temperature, it may not be always true that the rainwater strain is pinker than the other strains.

The Bell Strain.

This is the rarest strain of the albino leopard gecko. The difference of this strain can be seen through its eye and skin color. The bell strain has a deeper pink colour, and has the reddest eye color. This strain retains its pink color even as they grow into the adult stage.

The species of leopard gecko is photosensitive. This gecko reacts to light by shutting its eyes firmly. Activity during the day is lessened because of this reason.

The albino leopard gecko, like humans, can suffer Anorexia. This condition is aggravated by stress, unsanitary conditions and diseases such as nutritional diseases. An anorexic gecko has a thin body and tail. It is also weak and sluggish. If left untreated it may cause its death.

Just like any other pet, an albino gecko needs a home where it can enjoy a stress-free and safe environment. The albino leopard gecko is indeed one captivating animal!

Comparing The Pedipaws And Peticure Pet Nail Trimmers

Pet lovers know how important it is to be careful when clipping their nails. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you cut a dogs nails is to cut too much so that it bleeds. That is extremely painful for the dog. And so tools like Pedipaws and Peticure are very useful for dog lovers. But between the two, which is better?

Pedipaws uses rotating emery bands to gently file nails with a precision filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail at a time, they say, and keeps them in the container so they dont fall on the floor or fly around. Pedipaws costs US$19.99 plus US$7.99 for shipping and handling. As a free bonus you also get a Shed Ender simply at the cost of shipping and handling.

Independent reviewers note that one disadvantage is that Pedipaws has only one size hole for the nails, so it will be useless for bigger dogs with larger nails. Also it accommodates less dust and there have been problems with clogging. It is also recommended that you buy Pedipaws from a store like Wal-Mart rather than from its official website, because of customer complaints problems.

Peticure is also a nail filer for pets that functions in the same way, with rotary action filing the pets nails a sliver at a time. The item comes in several pieces and directions on how to assemble the Peticure. The Peticure comes with a safeguard to catch shavings and a rechargeable battery. It also has adjustable size openings, eliminates accidental hair winding, abrasions, and projectile nail debris. According to them, nails should be filed only three to five seconds at a time. The Peticure costs US $29.99 plus shipping and handling.

Independent reviews of Peticure said that initially the dog gets anxious by the vibration and sound. The official site of Peticure offers a step by step instruction on how to overcome this. Reviews also said it may not grind the nail down as much as you want it to. The fact that it is cordless makes it easier to use. Bands have to be replaced now and then, and it only comes with three bands. Batteries run out easily, often within the first day of use. Whats more, if you buy Peticure, reviewers recommend that you get it from Amazon rather than from their own website. It will be cheaper, and some people who tried to get it from the website have experienced grief. However, after some vicious complaints, they say that Peticure has bent over backwards in remedying this. Until customer service is 100% perfect, we say better safe than sorry, and its cheaper anyway at Amazon.

So which product is better? The Peticure is more expensive by about US $10, but the fact that is has many sizes sounds more appealing, especially if you have, or plan to have more than one dog, and different dog breeds, too. Ideally, I would also rather buy either one at a store so I can see it for myself before making a final judgement.

Natural Preventive Measures In Pet Shedding

Cats and dogs shed because their fur or coat needs to be replaced with a new and healthier one. It is a natural process of eliminating dead hair. Dogs and cats shed at least once a year. However, it can also be caused by major change in temperature where the pet is staying. The process of shedding may also differ from one breed to another. Some dog and cat breeds have double coats. These breeds shed profusely.

Lets admit it. Even the most lovable pet owner finds it very tiring to clean unwanted pet hairs scattered all over the place. No one wants clean this kind of mess more than five times a day. Fortunately, there are different ways available to prevent excessive shedding of pet cat and dogs. First and foremost, whether it is a cat or a dog, you need to brush their fur regularly. This will help keep their fur from being sticky and can help in maintaining a healthy coat for your pet. Remember brushing is different from combing.

Shampooing your pets fur regularly can also contribute in shedding prevention. There are natural pet shampoos derived from natural ingredients which can help solve your pets shedding problem.

A pets diet means a lot when it comes to shedding. Like the famous quote you are what you eat. The dogs fur can greatly reflect the kind of diet and food he eats. Feed your pet with foods high in fatty acids, omega3 and protein. These substances are vital when it comes in maintaining your pets coat. Make your pet drink lots of water. Similar with humans, water can help in cleansing their system of radical substances.

Water can also help them digest their food properly and make their system function normally. Remember that illness can also be a cause of excessive hair loss or shedding. Pick foods that are high in these substances but low in starch. You can also choose to include vegetable meals in your pets diet.

Aside from giving your pet healthy foods, it is also important that you the mat they sleep on clean. Parasites may be present in the place where they sleep without you knowing it. It is ideal to wash their bedding regularly to prevent your pet from getting skin allergies, irritations and other infections that is caused by parasitic activity. Aside from the bedding, you also have to make sure that your dog is drinking water and eating food from a clean bowl.

It is recommended that you contact a veterinarian for advice especially if your pet is shedding more than usual since shedding may also be a sign of a health problem to your pet. Aside from the natural alternatives mentioned above, there are also natural supplements that you can give your pet for intake to prevent excessive shedding while maintaining a healthy and nice coat.