The Albino Leopard Gecko- A Captivating Gecko Pet

Now acquiring a new habitat in the homes of pet owners, the albino leopard geckos, may just enjoy better living conditions. In natural conditions, it lives in the ground and hunts for food during the night. A desire to breed these lizards grew in 1991. Today there are various breeds with unique skin patterns or markings. The albino leopard gecko is a favorite among gecko owners.

The albino leopard gecko can live up to 20 years, and grows up to nine inches in length. The uniqueness of this gecko is manifested through the presence of eyelids, and the lack of clinging toe pads which allows it to climb vertically. The absence of melanin in its skin also makes it distinct.

An albino leopard gecko enjoys insects and feeds on mealworms, crickets and wax worms. During its early stages, it feeds everyday and upon reaching its adult stage, it reduces its mealtimes to every other day. An albino gecko is naturally gentle and can be handled with ease. However, if mishandled they can become agitated and stressed and begin to hiss.

There are three albino leopard gecko strains as of today. These strains, however, are recessive. Interbreeding them would produce offspring which is normal, but not albino.

The Tremper Strain.

This strain of the albino leopard gecko is the most common of the three strains. This strain may have a brown color and is called the Mocha Strain. The eye color of this gecko may have the color of a regular gecko but there some with bright red eyes. Its eye and skin color depends on the incubation temperature.

The Rainwater Strain.

The rainwater strain is also known as the Las Vegas Albino. This is the second most common strain of the albino leopard gecko. It usually manifests a more pink color that the other strains, but it is not always the case. Since an albino geckos skin color depends on the incubation temperature, it may not be always true that the rainwater strain is pinker than the other strains.

The Bell Strain.

This is the rarest strain of the albino leopard gecko. The difference of this strain can be seen through its eye and skin color. The bell strain has a deeper pink colour, and has the reddest eye color. This strain retains its pink color even as they grow into the adult stage.

The species of leopard gecko is photosensitive. This gecko reacts to light by shutting its eyes firmly. Activity during the day is lessened because of this reason.

The albino leopard gecko, like humans, can suffer Anorexia. This condition is aggravated by stress, unsanitary conditions and diseases such as nutritional diseases. An anorexic gecko has a thin body and tail. It is also weak and sluggish. If left untreated it may cause its death.

Just like any other pet, an albino gecko needs a home where it can enjoy a stress-free and safe environment. The albino leopard gecko is indeed one captivating animal!

Comparing The Pedipaws And Peticure Pet Nail Trimmers

Pet lovers know how important it is to be careful when clipping their nails. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you cut a dogs nails is to cut too much so that it bleeds. That is extremely painful for the dog. And so tools like Pedipaws and Peticure are very useful for dog lovers. But between the two, which is better?

Pedipaws uses rotating emery bands to gently file nails with a precision filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail at a time, they say, and keeps them in the container so they dont fall on the floor or fly around. Pedipaws costs US$19.99 plus US$7.99 for shipping and handling. As a free bonus you also get a Shed Ender simply at the cost of shipping and handling.

Independent reviewers note that one disadvantage is that Pedipaws has only one size hole for the nails, so it will be useless for bigger dogs with larger nails. Also it accommodates less dust and there have been problems with clogging. It is also recommended that you buy Pedipaws from a store like Wal-Mart rather than from its official website, because of customer complaints problems.

Peticure is also a nail filer for pets that functions in the same way, with rotary action filing the pets nails a sliver at a time. The item comes in several pieces and directions on how to assemble the Peticure. The Peticure comes with a safeguard to catch shavings and a rechargeable battery. It also has adjustable size openings, eliminates accidental hair winding, abrasions, and projectile nail debris. According to them, nails should be filed only three to five seconds at a time. The Peticure costs US $29.99 plus shipping and handling.

Independent reviews of Peticure said that initially the dog gets anxious by the vibration and sound. The official site of Peticure offers a step by step instruction on how to overcome this. Reviews also said it may not grind the nail down as much as you want it to. The fact that it is cordless makes it easier to use. Bands have to be replaced now and then, and it only comes with three bands. Batteries run out easily, often within the first day of use. Whats more, if you buy Peticure, reviewers recommend that you get it from Amazon rather than from their own website. It will be cheaper, and some people who tried to get it from the website have experienced grief. However, after some vicious complaints, they say that Peticure has bent over backwards in remedying this. Until customer service is 100% perfect, we say better safe than sorry, and its cheaper anyway at Amazon.

So which product is better? The Peticure is more expensive by about US $10, but the fact that is has many sizes sounds more appealing, especially if you have, or plan to have more than one dog, and different dog breeds, too. Ideally, I would also rather buy either one at a store so I can see it for myself before making a final judgement.

Natural Preventive Measures In Pet Shedding

Cats and dogs shed because their fur or coat needs to be replaced with a new and healthier one. It is a natural process of eliminating dead hair. Dogs and cats shed at least once a year. However, it can also be caused by major change in temperature where the pet is staying. The process of shedding may also differ from one breed to another. Some dog and cat breeds have double coats. These breeds shed profusely.

Lets admit it. Even the most lovable pet owner finds it very tiring to clean unwanted pet hairs scattered all over the place. No one wants clean this kind of mess more than five times a day. Fortunately, there are different ways available to prevent excessive shedding of pet cat and dogs. First and foremost, whether it is a cat or a dog, you need to brush their fur regularly. This will help keep their fur from being sticky and can help in maintaining a healthy coat for your pet. Remember brushing is different from combing.

Shampooing your pets fur regularly can also contribute in shedding prevention. There are natural pet shampoos derived from natural ingredients which can help solve your pets shedding problem.

A pets diet means a lot when it comes to shedding. Like the famous quote you are what you eat. The dogs fur can greatly reflect the kind of diet and food he eats. Feed your pet with foods high in fatty acids, omega3 and protein. These substances are vital when it comes in maintaining your pets coat. Make your pet drink lots of water. Similar with humans, water can help in cleansing their system of radical substances.

Water can also help them digest their food properly and make their system function normally. Remember that illness can also be a cause of excessive hair loss or shedding. Pick foods that are high in these substances but low in starch. You can also choose to include vegetable meals in your pets diet.

Aside from giving your pet healthy foods, it is also important that you the mat they sleep on clean. Parasites may be present in the place where they sleep without you knowing it. It is ideal to wash their bedding regularly to prevent your pet from getting skin allergies, irritations and other infections that is caused by parasitic activity. Aside from the bedding, you also have to make sure that your dog is drinking water and eating food from a clean bowl.

It is recommended that you contact a veterinarian for advice especially if your pet is shedding more than usual since shedding may also be a sign of a health problem to your pet. Aside from the natural alternatives mentioned above, there are also natural supplements that you can give your pet for intake to prevent excessive shedding while maintaining a healthy and nice coat.

Taking Care Of Your Pet During Winter Season

Winter is one of the four seasons of the temperature zones with the shortest season and it has a colder weather. In regards to your pet, he also needs a cloth to wear during winter to keep him warm. Shopping your pet with winter cloths is easy nowadays because there are so many stores to shop with. Choices are available for pet owners when it comes to pet clothing during winter or whatever the season is.

There are so many things to consider in caring for your pet during winter and during this season. They are more vulnerable in getting sick like having colds so, in order to prevent the pet in getting sick you have to provide him with vitamins.

Your pet is considered as member in the family, therefore you also have to provide everything that he needs. You pets food is the most important thing to provide clothes so that it will not freeze during winter season. Nowadays, pets are trendy with their cloth in any season of the year. In fact they are not left behind.

If your pet has its own house make sure that it is in secured place. It should have a sufficient space for your pet to stand up and go round and round. The location place of the pet house should not be facing the wind directly. Make sure that ice and snow cannot enter your pets house.

Exercising your pet during winter can also keep him warm and in this way you are definite that your pet will be fit. Pets like dogs love to run even if they are tired so as a pet owner let him be but because of the cold weather he cannot go outside. However you can still play with your pet inside the house by letting your dog pick up the ball at both ends of a long corridor.

A cold weather is not a hindrance to make your pets day full of fun.

Canadian Lawyers and Laws on Veterinary Malpractice

We’re all familiar with medical malpractice in the common sense where an impetuous surgeon misplaces a scalpel or two inside a patient’s chest cavity… but what about pets? As it turns out, more and more cases are surfacing involving the death of a pet due to veterinary malpractice.

Historically, the value of an animal was limited to its economic value. The intent leaned more towards farmers who, if disenfranchised by the loss of livestock, would be awarded the market value of that animal. This of course forgoes any consideration for the connection between an owner and their furry friend, which is evident when what the owner spends to save their animal exceeds the pet’s “market value”. For instance, a pet owner who funds a $50,000 surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed from their cat when the cat’s market value is fourteen dollars.

Some believe that Canada is right for not putting a price tag on the emotional distress caused by losing an animal to veterinary malpractice. The high price of a vet visit would only increase after malpractice insurance rates grow due to larger settlement amounts. This seems justified by what has happened with healthcare in the United States. But is it right for the whole to save a few dollars when a few have legitimate claims to bigger settlements?

California doesn’t think so. The USA Today mentions the saga of a dog owner’s lawyer who fought for and received $30,000 for the dog’s “unique value” in addition to the costs associated with the surgery. They go on to mention a similar case out of Kentucky where the court awarded a pet owner $15,000 for their dead German shepherd.

The common law opinion that animals are merely property is perceived more and more as defunct. Tort suits in the US where pet owners receive monies beyond the scope of their animal’s economic value are becoming more prevalent and it may only be a matter of time before Canada follows suit.

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Pamper Your Adorable Pet With Pet Accessories

Pet owners are always looking for something new and attractive for care and security of your pets. There are lot of sources through which you can become aware of pet accessories. These kinds of components play a significant part in grooming and development of domestic pets such as canines, equine, rabbits, cats, and so on. The most preferable origin will be pet components online where you can search quite a few high quality pet goods. Each one of these products range in different categories depending on the need on the buyer. All these products are very affordable and reasonable both in terms of pricing and usage.

The other thing you will need to look at pros and cons of your respective pet with the help of expert’s instruction so that you are able to make suggestions regarding the medical conditionality of your respective domestic pets. This really is crucial since every pet has its own a physique along with health issues. Immediately after consulting professionals, you need to end up buying pet components. With all the rising problems in the community concerning domestic pets, pet components retail outlet has been started out. Dog buffs can obtain goods needed for nurturing of the domestic pets from these kinds of retailers. Generally, there you will observe fantastic array of pet products along with other components. These kinds of places take care of every type of domestic pets such as canines, cats, pond -fish , modest creatures, farm pets and much more.

Every pet owner seems to look forward to enhance the look of his or her family pet with sufficient quality fashion accessories, this is very much achievable. Market place is usually inundated with a enormous selection of family pet equipment for example charm bracelets, dog collars, bows, ornamental beads and barrettes. Dressing up any family pet with some ornamental and trendy equipment can make it. Collars can be a favorite dog equipment as these kind of can be bought in a lot of customized alternatives. From embossed to stone inserted collars, pet owners can buy any type of pet accessories that can make the family pet seem unique.

Accessories for your pet are not just the fashion items, but also the items that your pet protected from being harmed with harsh elements. Thus, there are most of the pet accessories that you definitely need for your pet and there are many other that can be tailored according to your needs. If you want to make sure that you have a healthy and happy pet, you want to have these items at least. Finding accessories for pet at reasonable price is definitely not a big deal. Just browse through the different online pet stores, you can find the accessories at the lowest possible price and lucrative offers.

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How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Car’s Seats

Pets are good companions and many people love them to the extent of occasionally riding with them. However, pets hair tends to shed over time and especially pets with long hair, leaving some on your car seats. The hair can stick to your clothes, which is very embarrassing for those who work in offices and it. Although removing pet hair can be quite a nightmare, it is essential that you use an effective pet hair remover. Some pet owners often try using brushes, rubber tipped tools, static sprays, gloves and masking tape but these methods do not work effectively as pet hair stones.

Pet hair stones are quite effective, durable, and earth friendly than any other product for cleaning pet hair from car seats. It has unique rigid hair scaled texture which effectively removes hair from car seat fabric. It is easy to use the stones and only requires a light sweeping motion. The stones are amazing and with nothing to plug in, replace or wear out and can be used over and over again. These makes it one of the best pet hair removal products that you will always need to ensure pet hair is kept under control.

The pet hair remover is made form a 90% post consumer recycled materials which includes some of the stuff that people often put in a curbside recycling box. The stone can be used by any one even those with allergies thus making it an efficient and reliable tool for your car. This is because the stone is hypoallergenic and odor free. It is a pet hair remover considered not only an effective tool that will help you overcome your nightmare but also its environmentally friendly. You can always keep it in your car just in case you need it after a ride with your pet.

The pet hair remover is made of high quality post consumer recycled materials and offers reliable and excellent pet hair removal results. This is because the stone does not dull, lose its stick and can be used for a long time. It is sold at a pocket friendly price while the benefits it offers actually will make you realize that, you are buying something that lasts virtually forever and will always offer desirable services.

When using the stone on your car seats, you can be sure that you are using a safe product that will not tamper with the materials used on the seats. This is attributed to the quality of materials used on the stone which are safe for the car seats as well as your hands. The pet hair remover is very effective and offers visible results within an instant since its quick and easy to use. The stone can also be used to remove hair from clothing, furniture and on carpets and offers a lifetime guarantee. For this reason, as a pet owner, you do not have to waste time and money trying to get a solution to your pets hair on your car seats, the stone is the ultimate solution.

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How To Get The Right Pet Insurance Policy

Over the last decade, pets have slowly but surely endeared themselves to their respective owners. Pet owners have also shifted in their pet owning outlook, whereas before when pets are acquired to be useful, they are now taken for the joy of their presence. Years ago, pets were valued; today, they are loved and cared for. It is no wonder then that they are already included in insurance policies. With our devotion to them and the rising cost of pet care, pet insurance has become a must.

Just like its human counterpart, pet insurance policies vary in coverage and nature. Before you decide to insure your pet, know the different types of pet insurance UK can offer. Some luxury insurance providers can incorporate your pets coverage with your other policies.

Here are some things to consider for you to be able to choose the most appropriate policy for your pet;

* The Age of your Pet There are different pet insurance coverage according to the age of your pet. It is better to get a policy while they are young as premiums are lower, but there are also policies especially designed for aging animals.

* Breed of your Pet Pure breeds are known to be more susceptible to ailments, thus, the need for special coverage that will meet all health insurance needs. Comprehensive health coverage is advised for pure-breeds.

* Health Issues Make sure that you indicate any existing health issues of your pet when getting insurance. Special adjustments will be made to accommodate the need. Also, not indicating the health problem might invalidate the pet insurance policy.

* Is your pet indoor or outdoor? Indoor animals are prone to different accidents from those that are primarily outdoors. Make sure that you pattern your pets insurance to cover all vulnerabilities.

* Rental Accommodations If you are living in rental accommodations, it is advisable for you to add rental accommodation coverage that will include insurance of any damages caused by your pet to the rented building or property.

* Microchipped Pets You can include an emergency assurance clause to your pets insurance if your pet is microchipped. This will ensure that your pet is covered for any accidental needs. Pets with micro chips are also easier to track and find when lost or in cases of accidental separation.

* Athletic Pet Providers of pet insurance in UK offer special coverage for extra frisky pets. The pet insurance will include coverage of all possible harm and ailments form accidents during play.

How to Raise Goldfish in a Bowl

The simple answer to this question is that you shouldn’t. Not unless the bowl is a lot larger than those you can buy at the stall if you ‘win’ a goldfish at a funfair.

Children often end up with a goldfish as a first pet – they are cheap to buy and feed, you don’t need to take out expensive insurance, and they don’t need to be taken for walks. But the fate of many is to end up is a totally unsuitable bowl where they spend a miserable and short lived life.

Goldfish came to Europe 400 years ago, and are members of the carp family. They are very popular as pets as they can live in cold water, and don’t need water to be heated, even in winter. If you go away on holiday you don’t have to worry about someone looking after them, as you can use food blocks which last for up to a couple of weeks.

Consider this for a moment. Given the right conditions they can grow up to 60 cm long (about 2 feet) and live for 20 years.

But, you say, the ones I see are much much smaller than that – surely these must be a different breed? No, I’m afraid not, goldfish have their growth inhibited by the volume of the water where they live. If they live in a large outside pond they will grow to full size, if not, their growth is stunted.

In some countries the simple bowl is banned as it is considered too cruel.

So what does my goldfish need?

Your fish needs an environment where he can swim around, and nuzzle algae off plants and rocks as he would do in the wild. In a plain bowl without any plants or ornaments he will have a very boring life.

Your pet needs good quality oxygenated water so that he can breathe. One thing that you won’t think of with a plain goldfish bowl is a pump and filter which will help clean and oxygenate the water. The tank needs to be cleaned out – the fish has to swim around in the same water he has defecated in, so this has to be changed regularly particularly as they are quite messy fish. Changing the water does not just mean tipping half of the water out and filling the bowl up again from the tap – it means putting clean water into a bucket and putting water conditioner in it. Tap water is full of fluoride and chlorine and other additives which are good for us, but act as a slow acting poison for a goldfish if conditioner isn’t used. You can get the same effect as using a conditioner if you leave water standing in a bucket for a few hours, but the conditioner is more convenient, and is not expensive as you use very little each time you change the water. A little of the water should be changed weekly if possible. Do not wait until the water is dirty and cloudy and then change the whole lot at once! This will cause too great a shock to the goldfish who may become ill as a result.

Goldfish food is fairly cheap and can be bought in any pet shop or supermarket. It is important not to overfeed your fish – uneaten food with make the water even dirtier. If your fish is a little hungry after food time he will peck at the food which has dropped down onto the plants and dcor – an activity which stops him getting bored, and keeps the tank cleaner as well.

The best way to keep a goldfish is in the biggest tank you can afford and have space for. Average size aquariums are not too expensive, and he’ll be much happier than swimming round in circles in a small bowl. Especially if you have room to get him a companion to swim around with. You can put some attractive gravel at the bottom of the tank. Ideally they are more suited living in ponds than inside in tanks.

Living plants help to oxygenate the water, and algae grows on them which is a natural food for your pet. Swimming through the plants will be more interesting for him than a tank just with free swimming space. Plastic plants can also attract algae, so are a good alternative.

Filters and tanks are not expensive, so if you’ve come back from the fair carrying your prize fish in a plastic bag, invest in some decent equipment to give him a happy and healthy life. You’ll get more enjoyment as well than watching him just swim round and round in a glass bowl. If you put him in a bowl he will survive, but he won’t be happy, and will not live to his full lifespan.


Trish Haill has a background in Psychology and a lifetime of pet keeping. With her experience together with lots of research she has brought together helpful information for parents considering getting a pet for their child. Pets4kids has information on all sorts of pets you may consider. Further information on fish keeping can be found on the website.

For A Pet Tortoise Try The Herman Tortoise

The Herman tortoise which is a relatively small sized tortoise originated in Europe and is found in almost all coasts of France and also in certain parts of Italy. This tortoise is also found in the nearby islands. This makes it widely popular in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Romania, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Greece, Hungary and south Italy. They prefer the widely dense forests of Mediterranean and in the arid regions with rocky hill slopes and scrubby vegetation. These areas make it easier for the Herman tortoise to find its food.

Basically, a Herman tortoise is herbivorous. It largely eats a diet that consists of green leaves and grasses. This tortoise also consumes other vegetables and fruits like the broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, Timothy Hay, Alfalfa grass, Bermuda grass, dandelions, weeds, cactus pads, strawberries, bananas, squash, melons, apples, apricots, grapes and peaches. However, it is important that these vegetables and fruits are consumed in smaller quantities. If you have a one as a pet, it is advised not to feed it cabbage as this vegetable and its variants like the iceberg lettuce as these may have a damaging effect. These vegetables have very less nutritional value and once the tortoise starts eating them, it will give up eating other vegetables.

There have been instances when the Herman tortoise may eat insects like snails, slugs and carrions. However, this happens only with the tortoises that are in the wild. However, a this tortoise doesnt necessarily need a diet that contains animal proteins. You must take special care to feed this tortoise a diet that is rich in fiber and calcium. Vitamin D3 is also important for this tortoise and can be given to it in food if the natural sunlight is not provided. Young Herman tortoises have an attractive yellow and black shell. The backbone, ribs, shoulder blades and pelvis are all merged into the shell of the Herman tortoise.

The best tortoise house for the this species of tortoise is an outdoor enclosure. But care must be taken while building these outdoor enclosures to prevent the tortoise from escaping. If you plan to keep them indoors, necessary measures should be taken to provide them with a natural looking atmosphere. Also, this enclosure must be large enough with proper light and heat. A Herman tortoise is an adaptive and friendly reptile which makes them a great pet to have.