A Beginner’s World Of Warcraft Hunter Guide

The Hunter in WoW (World of Warcraft) may be the most popular class in the entire game. This is because the class is fast to level, easy to play, and then there’s the coolness factor of having your own personal war machine as a pet.

The pet is what defines the Hunter. Almost any class can use a bow or gun, and Warlocks get a certain set of demons to pick from, but Hunters can tame and work with practically any critter in the game. Cats, bears, boars, crabs, Thunderhawks, Bats, Owls, and more, there’s a pretty long list of critters to pick from.

While any critter has it’s advantages, besides the coolness factor, I’m going to suggest you pick from bears, boars, or cats. Bears can really soak the damage, cats don’t soak as well, but they dish it out better, and the boar can take some punishment and has a nifty charge ability. That charge ability has additional uses in certain situations, such as PvP (Player Vs Player.)

When you hit the Hunter trainer always make sure you hit the Pet Trainer as well. Always keep your pet’s health, growl (if it has growl,) and armor maxed out. As your pet levels up it will get training points which you can spend on increasing its abilities.

Also, higher level critters have certain other abilities, so you will want to upgrade your pet occasionally. An example is the stealthy cats in Thousand Needles or Stranglethorn Vale. Dismiss your current pet (right click the pet icon and pick “dismiss” from the menu) and tame the new one. You’ll also eventually gain any special abilities your new pet has and will be able to train other pets with those abilities.

As far as your stats go you will want to get as much Agility as possible. It’s your number one stat, figuring into your damage, your Crit Bonus, and your dodge. It even adds to your armor. Since you won’t be engaging in melee combat (or shouldn’t be, anyway) you’ll have no use for Strength. Spirit is wasted on you.

Hunters do use Mana, but they don’t use it as fast as a caster (eg: Mage) so while a little Int (to increase your mana pool) is nice, don’t sacrifice Agility to get it. Stamina goes directly into Health, so more Stamina is always good, but you don’t need as much as a front line fighter (Rogues, for example.) Look for Agility first, then Stamina, maybe some Intelligence, then skip the others.

Some gear comes with special abilities such as “Attack Power” (AP.) This factors directly into your ranged damage so the more AP you can get the better. Other good ones to get are bonuses that add to your “Crit Rating” and/or Hit Rating.

Once you get your pet at level 10 your usual attack pattern for the rest of your career will be mainly this: send the pet in, let it grab the target’s attention, and then start shooting the target. Hunters are very weak melee fighters, even with their special melee attacks. Those attacks are mainly to hamper the target, allowing you to get back into shooting range. Your pet’s job is to handle all the melee combat.

Sometimes the target of your attack will ignore your pet and charge you instead. Other players will always do this. If that’s the situation then your freezing trap, wing clip, and concussive shots will allow you to get some breathing room. Feign Death works very well against monsters, but it won’t work more than once against players.

As far as talents go… well, that’s the subject of some interesting debate. My suggestion is to go down the Beast Mastery tree primarily, with come Marksman talents to supplement the BM talents. The idea here is to eventually make your pet into a lean, mean, destruction machine. Everything else is done in order to support that goal.

Lastly, work on your Hot Keys. You’ll want to bind your most used abilities to certain keys which you can easily reach while moving about. Try to develop a system where you can do the whole combat without ever having to use the mouse to click a target or activate a power.

For example, you use the WASD keys to move about and look around with the mouse. TAB will target your next opponent. Consider setting the F key to be your main attack, perhaps Arcane Shot. I use T for my auto attack and Shift+T for my pet attack.

If these keys don’t work for you that’s cool, come up with a better system. By not using the mouse for everything, but using the keys instead, you will greatly improve your fighting efficiency.

The Hunter is a pretty versatile class, actually. There is a lot of variety in pets and talents and many of the combinations one can come up with are quite worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to look into some of these variations and what things you may want to change, especially for PvP and Raiding.

Happy Hunting!

My pet is gone. What can I do

You come home and your dog or cat is gone. What do you do to find your pet? Time is critical. You need to act quickly. Here are a few good tips:
Search the neighborhood. Go door to door to your neighbor’s house and ask them if they have seen your lost pet. Go to local parks and community centers.

Write to your HOA community, email and social contacts. If you are part of a Home Owner Association (HOA), you can write to the board and let your neighbors know that your pet is missing. If you are part of a HOA and you don’t know the name of your community group, try something like Yahoo Groups! Your community may have a discussion group online. Just go to yahoo community group. Be sure to contact your email and social network friends that live with a mile or two of the last place you’ve seen your pet. They may have addition suggestions. The more people you contact the more likely someone may have seen your pet.

Contact your local shelters, dog pound or police. Animal control may have picked up your pet. Even if you pet has a chip they may not contact you right away, or at all! It’s best that you are proactive and contact them as soon as possible.

Call the local veterinarians. Sometimes the local vet will hold an animal instead of calling animal control to pick them up. Without ID, your pet may be sitting safely at the veterinarian. It’s important to have your pet micro chipped. This way the vet will know who to contact.

Make Fliers and post them around the neighborhood and local shops. Make sure you have a recent picture and describe the type of pet, breed, age and temperament. It’s also very important to note a point of contact (either phone or email) and the date and location your pet was last seen on your flier. If you are providing a reward, have that in bold. There are many websites that offer this service for free.

Turn to the Internet: There are third party site that are set-up to quickly and efficiently get the word out that your pet is missing, and aid in the recovery. In just five minutes, you can go line and provide information on your Pet and spread the word. Some services create postcards, generate fliers and call neighbors and local shelters to help find your lost pet.

Good luck and I hope your pet makes it home safely!

Where To Get Your New Pet

If you are keen to add to your home with a pet, such as a another dog, you might be wondering the best place to go to buy pets for sale. There are lots of companies that promote The sales of dogs, so you would definitely need help to get the best one.

Making sure you get what you want, you should find a dog seller that offers a large range of dog breeds. You might have a type of dog in your heart, in which case you want to be sure that the place in question carries it. You can always Make a contact beforehand to find this details out. Likewise, many people do not know what breed of dog they need until they see it, so going to a shop with a large number of dogs for sale is advantageous. Having a huge selection of dog breeds to take from can ensure that you get the one you really wish for.

One of the most valuable considerations to have in mind is If the puppy you choose is strong. Not only is it cruel for a shop to sell malnourished pets, but it can also get costly for you if you at once have to pay tons of veterinarian bills. Try to find a shop with dogs for sale that assures you off the the health of the animals. Find out what testimonies they have had, and whether they have the treatment history of the puppy that you are interested in.

It is beneficial when you can make everything in place, such as the dog you want and all the items you will desire. This includes a shelter to put are out of thepuppy when you leave for work, such as a enclosure, as well as the typical equipment like a lead, collar, tag, food plate, and water basin. Of course, some shop owners boost the prices of these equipment because of the quality, so be sure that you are gettingThe rightight price before you buy at such shops.

Before you decide where to browse pets for sale, be sure to take the above points into consideration.

About Pets And Pet Lovers’ Gifts

This is all about pets and pet lovers’ gifts. For pet lovers, everything they own or possess is pet themed. This is the way they express their care and love towards their pets. On the other hand, pets too like being gifted at times. Let us learn more about it…

Canine gifts

When it comes to gifts for anyone be it humans or pets, they should be unique and memorable. Here on this site (.com) we bring you together all the latest and unique pet gifts which you will cherish lifelong. There is a very good line said about cats and dogs that dogs have masters and cats have staff. So the kind of temperament these two species have, gifts also should be accordingly!

Dog gifts

Dogs can be your best friends. You reach home and they welcome you with their full enthusiasm and love. Do not they they deserve a thoughtful gift along with a pat on their back? How about a stylish leash, a safety harness, a good feeding bowl, or something nutritious and attractive to eat, some trendy clothes or a chewing bone which is healthy too ?

Dog owners gifts

We visit our friend and see his one corner of the room with all the memoirs of all the pets he has owned till date! How does it feel? You feel great indeed! Here we have all that little required to just feel that you care and to cherish all the memories of your pet. How about dog lover home dcor stuff? Our website guides you through the list of all the options.

Cat gifts

Cats need to be pampered; they are born to be loved and to be taken care of. Cat gifts are an ideal way of showing your love towards them. From the toys that will keep them occupied to the lavish cat beds and furniture that can make them feel the king or queen of their world, we have it all for you.

Cat owners gifts

These gifts are not to show off to anybody, but for you to feel good about yourself. To feel all the time when you see these gifts that you are good human beings. From beautiful picture frames to a cat picture t-shirt. These gifts are unique and a must for a perfect cat owner in you.

All about Pillow Pets

A Brief Introduction to Pillow Pets

A pillow pet serves well as the ideal companion and the best snuggle partners. They are transformers from a stuffed toy to being a pillow and a soft, comfy and comfortable partner. It changes itself from a pillow to a stuffed toy by just loosening and fastening of a Velcro band. It is huggable and cute pet which can just be popped into opening an enormous size pillow. It is a child’s dream to own a pillow pet, so soft, so bushy and so lovable!
It proves to be a perfect gift for vacations, birthdays or just about any big occasions.

Moreover, you will be stunned to know that people ranging from an infant to a school going kid to an expecting ma to toothless grandmamas love these cuddlesome and soft pillow pets.
The versatility of a pillow pet proves to be very engaging. From being superb for a naptime to a road trip and to a long haul aeroplane ride, pillow pets are the best companion.

They provide uttermost comfort and security. To contribute to the variety there are pillow pets available in various configurations and dimensions. Ranging from a panda, bear, dolphin, dog, frog, kitty, bumble bee and much more a pillow pet is available in varied colours and sizes.

Furthermore, pillow pets are filled with soft and premium quality of chenille which enhances the softness and coziness of the toy. The manufacturers pay enormous detail to the safety standards. The eyes which are often the hard part of the pillow pet are extraordinarily firmly attached whereas the Velcro is also such that it doesn’t prove to be coarse on tender skin. Furthermore the material used for pillow pets are soft and safe for use. These elements prove to more important since pillow pets would be handled by children essentially.
A pillow pet is generally available in retail toy stores and can get picked up thru online resources too. Handling and shipping charges are associated with buying pillow pets on the web. Moreover there are a number of discount offers which are available on shopping on the net for a pillow pet. Many of these toys include a satisfaction guarantee upto sixty days.
A pillow pet is a child’s delight. Interestingly children are extraordinarily particular as to which animal or cartoon they desire.

Children associate themselves or fascinate about having a selected pet. Therefore they have craving and a robust sense of belonging to their pillow pet.
A pillow pet is a child’s fantasy and provides comfort to one and all. It is the perfect buy for somebody special!
You can find the best deals on pillow pets here.


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South Africa Gets One Of A Kind Online Pet Shop

The Pet Accessory industry in South Africa is often overlooked. Today marks the launch of South Africa’s hippest online pet store. This has been long overdue and comes timely with Christmas around the corner.

Christmas is a time for sharing love and affection to others. For most dog owners, the best way that they can show their love to their furry pal is to make her feel that she is already part of the family. They take her to the mall for Christmas shopping and they make sure that they are well-dressed on family gatherings. This is also the best time for them to make their favorite pooch look fashionable and stylish by buying her hip designs of dog clothes. Not only will you make your pet feel that she is a big part of the family but you can also allow her to enjoy the season as you celebrate it with your family and closest friends. With Petsforsale.co.za’s brand of dog clothes, you can be guaranteed that your dog will get the comfort that she deserves. You will also be assured that all designs are made to highlight the joy and warmth of the holiday season. So when your dog wears those fashionable dog clothes, she will surely feel the spirit Christmas while being the most adorable pooch around.

As an addition to its Christmas selection of dog clothes, Petsforsale.co.za online pet store also offers a wide selection of dog costumes, dog shoes and socks, dog accessories, dog collars, dog beds and furniture, dog bowls, pet harnesses and other items that would make your beloved pets comfortable and happy all the time. With Petsforsale.co.za’s online store you are sure to find only the best selections of pet products for your four-legged pals.

Cat beds, soft crates and cushion beds are also available to make your pets more comfortable any season.

For the complete product catalog, please visit http://www.petsforsale.co.za

Your Love for Your Pet



Discover how you can show your love for your pet or dog by offering him some special pet accessories and dog care products.


If you are an animal or n. There are a lot of people who spend a lot of money at chic pet boutiques, dressing their dogs in hundred-dollar outfits and paying for meticulous pawdicures. They buy diamond studded collars and give their dogs rooms of there own. You probably dont have the budget for things like that, I know I dont. You can still spoil your dog with simple, everyday things that are very reasonably priced, things we can all afford. Next time your four legged friend needs a bath, focus on giving him a massage while youre working the soap into his coat.

Load him up in the car and take him out for a drive once each week and make sure you dress according to the weather so you can open a window and let his head hang out, his ears will flap in the breeze, and his nose will fill with more scents than you can imagine. ning and rearing a dog is not a small task. It involves huge responsibility and requires you to take his care like a baby. Just like special Dog Vitamins are required for nourishment of babies, puppies too require special products to grow in to a strong beast. Therefore, you must know how to buy dog care products carefully.

Several people think that food and vaccination is the only requirement for dogs. While this not so. There are several other things too, that are required for your dog to develop in to a healthy one.

Before you buy any dog care product, you need to conduct an elaborate research in the market. Visit the best dog care stores to find out the products available in the market. There are several companies that offer you these products at relatively cheaper prices. Look for such companies and buy these products.

Another thing that you need to do is to prepare a list of products that are required for dogs. For instance, food dishes are the most necessary dog products. You must take care that the dishes in which you serve to your dog are big enough to make him eat comfortably. Another popular dog product is the dog bed. Instead of letting your dog creep into your bed or lay on a sofa, get a bed for him so that he can lay down in it comfortably without infecting your personal bed or chairs or sofa!

For a healthy life, hygiene is very important. That is why cleaning accessories are favorite among dog products. A number of people consider them as pieces of luxury for dogs. But according to veterinary specialists, animals, particularly dogs need regular cleaning. Therefore, dog products like hair brushes and nail clippers are a must buy for your dogs. Apart from them, special shampoos, ear cleaning lotions, disinfecting creams and pastes are also available. You can make use of these products and make your dog the most adorable dog among its kin!

There are a number of products for dog care. But before you buy them, you must keep in mind the breed and the size of your dog. Dogs with long hair need brushes to keep the hair clean. The habits of your dogs are also to be considered. For all those people who are fed up of cleaning the dog shit from the rooms, there are crates available in the market.

So, apart from teaching your dog how to find a lost stick or how to jump from the ring, you also impart the potty training using these crates. Available at affordable prices, these crates are attracting a number of dog owners as it helps them to make their dogs a bit ore civilized!

So, if you want to know how to buy dog care products for your dog, you know what to do. Buying the best products for your dog will help him grow healthy and strong.

Pet Stores Mistreating Hermit Crabs

You can find them almost anywhere near the seashore boardwalks. All you have to do is walk into a cramped little gift shop on the beach and you can find them, stuck in a 6″X 3″ carrying cage and nothing else. If you haven’t looked there, all you have to do is look in the nearest wannabe pet shop. They are stashed on the darkest bottom shelf with tons of others, cramped in a small aquarium with a little water and food. Some of them won’t even venture out of their shells. Some of them are even missing limbs and claws. That’s right, I’m talking about hermit crabs. Before they even have a chance to be chosen by people from a caring home, they are already being mistreated wherever they are being sold. The cards are already stacked against them.

Many pet stores treat hermit crabs as if they are simply stock. They take good care of their birds that are worth hundreds of dollars. Same goes for their expensive puppies and kittens. But where are the pet stores that care about pets down to the smallest and most inexpensive. Just because they don’t cost an arm and a leg to buy and care for doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be cared for in the same way. As you know, temperature and humidity are key components to keeping a hermit crab healthy. Shoving a small aquarium on the darkest bottom shelf in the store, leaving the lid open with no humidity or temperature gauge, and not even caring to regulate temperature and humidity is total, undeniable hermit crab abuse. Unfortunately, there isn’t a big organization to make pet stores treat these small creatures humanely. The SPCA won’t come barging indignantly into a pet store treating hermit crabs horribly. This isn’t something that is important to very many people.

If you are interested enough to purchase a hermit crab from a pet store, most of the time you won’t get an information or fact sheet about your pet. If you question the store clerk about tank conditions or ask the pros and cons of certain types of diets, you are dismissed because the clerk doesn’t know anything about the pets they are selling or just flat out do not care to learn. They see hermit crabs as a “disposable” pet. You know… the kind people buy and just in case they don’t take care of it and it dies, it’s ok; they are cheap and they can simply replace it. The pet store associates themselves even say that hermit crabs do not last as pets. Not only do some people believe this way, some pet stores having a return policy for defective animals, are used when the crab is mistreated, dies within the 30 days, then is taken back and another victim is chosen. This should never be the case. Hermit crabs can live 15 to 20 years or more, if taken care of properly. It is unfair to treat any creature this way. These animals are living, breathing creatures and deserve to be treated fairly. They didn’t ask to be plucked from their tropical climates. They didn’t ask to be bread in captivity for eventual sale. They are simply creatures that exist and deserve to be treated with care.

Please don’t think that if you purchased a crab and it died and you replaced it that you are necessarily in the same category as these impatient, uncaring pet owners. Many times, the hermit crabs are so stressed out from the horrible treatment they receive while they are waiting to be sold that they just can’t handle being moved to a new location. Besides the fact that most pet store clerks don’t handle or feed or house them correctly, they don’t monitor the patrons who handle them, either. For example, the pet store I’ve been referencing about keeping the hermit crabs in a dark, hardly suitable atmosphere is the same place I found one of my hermit crabs, who was already missing a limb from stress. Instead of the crabs being in a place where they and the people handling them can be seen, these hermit crabs were on the last row so that no one could see who was picking up the hermit crabs. Unruly and unsupervised children, and uncaring, ignorant people are both fully capable of accessing these creatures without supervision from a pet store associate. This means that they are fully able to roughly handle, terrify, and drop the hermit crabs that are for sale. If you researched hermit crab care, purchased a hermit crab, took it directly home, and began caring for it, and it still died, chances are, that it wasn’t you who contributed to the tragic demise of your hermit crab.

If any of this has happened to you, don’t blame yourself. The best thing you can do is find a reputable pet store and do research about it before you make a decision to purchase any pet from it. Take the time to look at the way the crabs are displayed to sell. Ask associates if they are sitting in temperature and humidity controlled climates. If not, strongly consider not purchasing from this store. Do research on hermit crab care, and question store associates to see if they know what they are talking about. Do your homework. In the end, you will be a much more satisfied pet owner. If you have that tendency to attract strays, you might consider going to that awful pet store, and saving some of those poor hermit crabs. An idea to help you with this is to put the crabs from that store in their own cage. Leave them separate from your healthy hermit crabs. As you observe, remove the crabs that are healthy and place them in with your current crab habitat. You can try to nurse the unhealthy ones back to health. It is a brave endeavor, but might not always turn out the way we would like. But if you are willing to try to save these animals, they are much better off with you than a person who won’t care for them. Whatever you decide, just remember that these are living beings. They deserve to be treated as such.

Why People Opt To Buy Pet Health Supplements

There are several reasons as to why pet owners opt to buy pet health supplements for their animals. This is against a background where, in most cases, they actually dont have to buy such supplements. But they do it out of their own volition.

One of the reasons as to why people opt to buy pet health supplements for their animals is in a bid to protect the pets from various illnesses that are caused by malnutrition. Most of these pet health supplements, as it turns out, are designed to provide the pets with adequate levels of various nutrients that they are at huge risk of experiencing deficiencies in. And bridging those nutritional gaps turns out to be very important, especially keeping in mind the fact that most pet illnesses are usually (directly or indirect) as a result of deficiencies in certain nutrients. It therefore follows that the thing to do, about such illnesses, is to provide the pets with the nutrients they need rather than waiting and having to deal with the effects of the nutrient deficiencies.

In all this, we have to recall that we are coming from a background where most pet foods lack in variety. Most of us feed our pets on the same foods (and specifically the same pet food brands), day in, day out. If it happens that those pet foods we commonly use are lacking in certain nutrients, then the pets would have no alternative way of ever getting the nutrients, because their diets lack in variety. That is where the pet health supplements would come in handy. As mentioned earlier, the best of these pet health supplements are designed to provide the pet with the whole range of nutrients that the pet is likely to miss out in the diet.

The second reason as to why people opt to buy pet health supplements is in a bid to protect themselves from having to make bigger expenditures, in the future, on their pets health. In the first case, we were talking about the pet owners wanting to protect the pets from the pain of illnesses caused by nutritional deficiency. In this second instance, we are looking at the pet owners actually protecting themselves from possible (financial) pain, in the event of their pets coming to suffer from the illnesses caused by lack of various nutrients.

A pet is, to its owner, very much like a child. When your pet is ill, you also end up suffering the consequences. That is because, as a responsible pet owner, you will feel inclined to take him or her to a vet (or to call the vet to come over and have a look at him or her). That would tend to cost money. Then having seen the pet, the vet is likely to prescribe certain medications or procedures. Those too would cost you money. Yet, that is money you could have easily saved, by keeping the pet from suffering from the conditions in question in the first place. And in most cases, where the conditions are (directly or indirectly) as a result of nutrient deficiencies, the proactive thing to do to keep the pet from suffering from the conditions in the first place – would be to invest in things like pet health supplements.

Natural Pet Treatment For Shoulder Dysplasia

Even though you may use an organic flea bath for your cat or dog, you may not realize that you can also use natural pet treatment to manage joint pain and dysplasia. Without a question, if you suspect that your pet is susceptible to dysplasia, it will be worthwhile to find out as soon as possible. While your veterinarian may not be willing to do routine joint X-rays, you can still make good use of common remedies such as Flex Pet, Old Bones, and Joint Rescue.

If you have ever suffered from arthritis or other types of joint pain, you will realize that dampness and temperature can cause all kinds of flare-ups. In a similar way, you may find that your cat or dog has a harder time moving around on cold mornings, or before it is about to rain. In some cases, you may even notice these tendencies while your pet is still young.

That said, if you make use of natural pet treatment products for joint pain, you may see an immediate improvement. You may even find that some of these products can help protect joints from the kinds of excessive wear that will lead to crippling pain. Regardless of whether or not you can fully prevent these conditions, at least you can try your best for as long as possible.

No pet owner wants to hear that euthanasia is the best option. Unfortunately, something as common as joint pain can completely ruin you pet’s quality of life even before a diagnosis is made. Therefore, if you have not yet tried natural pet products for joint pain, you may want to do so at your earliest convenience. Aside from helping your pets stay pain free, you may just get a chance to enjoy all the playfulness your pet exhibited as a puppy or kitten.